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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  January 13, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PST

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gillian: president trump spending as noted in washington trying to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. they stay away from the capital and showing no signs of being able to capitalize on the border while piddly is not in public. leland: democrat john garamendi are still in d.c. we will ask them what a deal they would be willing to make. >> and a very crowded field. more democrats to make a run for the white house in 2020. vice president joe biden will be the next to make it official.
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welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. i'm kristen fisher. leland: it is so and beautiful behind you, kristen. i almost wish i was there with putin. ellison barber made her way to the north lawn of the white house despite the snow with more. >> according to a new report in the "washington post," president trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal the details of his conversation with russian president lavender curtain, taking possession of the notes from one of his interpreters
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telling the person not to discuss what occurred with other officials. the post reports the constraint that trump imposed are part of a broad pattern by the president of prohibiting high-ranking officials from knowing what he is told one of the united states main adversaries. as a result, u.s. officials say there is no detailed record event classified files of trump's face-to-face interactions with the russian leader at five locations over the past two years. white house press secretary sarah sanders calls the report outrageously inaccurate, but not the only report focusing on interactions with russia. a separate report in "the new york times" claims the fbi investigators actually opened an investigation into president trump days after he fired fbi or james comey to be determined whether or not mr. trump was working for russia against american interest knowingly or unwittingly. president trump called the
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report that he's ever worked for russia insulting. it is evidence of corruption at the fbi. democrats disagree. >> i find it astonishing and to me it tells me about a lot of people running the fbi. i don't trust them as far as i throw him. so if this really did happen, congress needs to know about it. they need to have a very deep level of concern about this president to take this step. that is again why we need to protect the mueller investigation. >> they declined to comment on that report in "the new york times." train to ellison barber north lawn of the white house. thank you. lindsey graham have a lot more to say including the shut down a possible deal for all of that, stick around for "fox news sunday." chris wallace has an exclusive interview with senator graham where he talks about possibly comprehensive immigration reform package.
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you don't want to miss that. kristen. kristin: so the clock keeps ticking with no deal in sight that has become the longest federal closure in the nation's history and it's costing the u.s. economy over $3 billion hundreds of thousands of federal employees by without a paycheck on friday. molly henneberg is live with more. >> hi, kristen. president trump says he hoped democrats will act responsibly and resume negotiations over border security and the government shut down. he tweeted today i am in the white house waiting. democrats are everywhere to washington as await their pay. they are having fun and not even talking. and part he's referring referring to the congressional hispanic caucus meeting in puerto rico this weekend. according to a fox news producer, new jersey democratic senator bob menendez was photographed on the beach although they will not say which members of congress are in the trip. the group went to see the play hamilton which is a fundraiser
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for puerto rico, but the trip itself did not sit well with the president. >> it's ridiculous. we have a very important thing to do. we have to have border security and we have to get people getting paid again very quickly. reporter: are democrats willing to give the president money for border security at the president agrees to send confession on how the government handles people in the country illegally. >> i think the president should pass that by making it clear what confessions of a compromise designed to put forward. >> senator lindsey graham says he suggested to the president that the president reopen the government for a short time to see if both sides could reach a deal and if not, then declare a national emergency. >> to my republican colleagues, stand behind the president that this is his last option. he ran on this at the centerpiece of his presidency and it is a crisis. if you don't do the crisis are not looking very hard.
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>> senator graham says they won't give the president any money for the wall. he won't quote, just give in. train for the president won't give in and speaker pelosi continues to say $0 for the wall. feels like we are right back where we started. molly henneberg, thank you. leland. leland: let's see if we can make a little progress. california congressman john garamendi. boy, and your state is pretty nice, especially when it's snowing in d.c. >> don't say that you're in sunny santa monica and weren't now in washington. it's just not fair. >> well, a lot of things are fair. a lot of evil are doing what's going on in washington. i guess the question now comes, you listen to molly's report and it sounds like groundhog day all over again. >> it certainly is. this is really a situation
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that's really outrageous, basically holding 800,000 upper government employees and literally the entire american public as leverage to obtain five points $7 billion to build a wall. it's outrageous an earlier report in trump and rush. the american government. the fbi. go ahead. >> will get to put nanosecond. i know you want to talk about that. this is about politics for democrats. $5 billion for a wall is a wall is a drop in the bucket. less than the federal government spends on medicare fraud for god sakes. some level are democrats holding the money hostage? or the president wants $5 billion is that worth keeping all of these people out of a job
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for? >> well, it's the president the shoulders the responsibility reset so in the oval office i will shut down the government unless i get what i want and what he wanted at that time was $5 billion. it's now five points seven. in the earlier budget he presented to the congress over a year ago, he asked for $126 billion you got that and that was the amount of money being discussed before the oval office meeting when it suddenly went to five and now five points $7 billion. the problem here is the american government to the president's desire to get the border wall. leland: listen to this from lindsey graham. get your reaction. hold on. >> every democrat that i've worked with for 10 years now has agreed to funding for barriers/ and all of a sudden it's a bad thing in trump's lodge. what is he supposed to do just
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give in? he's not going to give in. leland: all of a sudden all of a sudden you call at barriers and security appear you okay with the five points seven? democrats have been okay with those numbers for border security for a long time. >> i was intrigued by the word teaches. maybe that's what we need to use. we've been strong supporters of border security going back more than 20 years for myself, to the time i was lieutenant governor. >> is the government shut down his 800,000 people without paychecks are the semantics of the law whether it's called a ball, fencing, barrier? >> we have an obligation to the american taxpayers that the money be spent wisely. recently in the last couple days have we received any information about where the 527 billion would be spent. even so we don't know where the problems are. we don't know the efficiency of the effectiveness of any particular reach of what might become a friend, a wall for some
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sort of a barricade. we need that information. we need to re-negotiate. even so your republican colleagues on the other side of the aisle agree with you would be easier to get the money if they were more specific. i want to give you a chance to weigh in about democratic colleagues in puerto rico on a fund-raising trip. sara sanders treating democrats in congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid. they are partying on the beach instead of negotiating compromise to reopen the government and secure the border. fair to say the optics of this are great. you're in d.c. should your colleagues be there with you? >> actually, they went to puerto rico for a fundraiser because i was a small portion of what they wanted to do there. they look at their agenda. they were there to observe and just remember --
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>> fairstein hamilton. pictures on the beach. stories of big dinners thereat according to the "washtington examiner." this is on a roll up your hands fact finding. >> i don't know the full agenda, but i do not talking to a couple folks that went better that they were looking at an issue the president created when he said he was going to create a national emergence be a mentor to $.5 million. >> put their entire agenda of the men can debate whether they are or not. the president created a serious problem for puerto rico. >> i'll make you this offer. call some of them. get the agenda, send it to us. we'll have you on to talk about it. >> why don't you ask them, those who were there to talk about it. i'm not there.
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i'm in washington. we'll see if we can get the agenda then you can ask them what they did. >> fairpoint, sir. enjoy the snow. stay warm, stay safe. >> enjoy the sun. kristin: for reaction from the republican side of the iowa bring in congressman bob whitman. thank you for driving two hours in the snow to be here. do you wish more members of congress had perhaps followed your lead and stayed here in washington while the government continues to be shut down? >> absolutely. we need to be here working on the issue. but the government shutdown, people expect their government to work and get things done. on friday i asked speaker pelosi to keep us in session and said we have the business of the nation. they expect us to get the job done. they expect us to find common ground. they see as you've seen from the most recent numbers the realization that there is a crisis at the border.
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the humanitarian crisis, families and children being affected by this. all of those things need to be taken care of. are members of congress should be here in town getting things done. >> the "washington post" and abc news put out a poll today saying the majority of americans blame gop, not democrats for the shut down. are you worried at the shutdown continues to drive on? >> is also an increasing realization by the american public that there is a crisis at the border. both sides need to be at the table getting things done. and the president is correct the congress needs to solve this. this is an issue critical to a family affected by drugs. opioid overdose. pouring across the border of the families down there whose children are being affected by
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this. those are things they expect us to do and all you have to do what is now coming our way. another caravan being put together in honduras. as things are critical and people want us to get those things done. >> whatever compromise congress comes up with, president trump is going to have to sign it. it remains unclear what compromise he be willing to sign off on. listen to something chris coons said just a few hours ago on "fox news sunday." >> one of the challenges of negotiating with president trump as i feel it is time to for trump of the day club and should test that by making it clear what concessions and compromise he's willing to put forward. >> to think president trump should be more clear about what concessions he's willing to make? >> the leadership in the house and senate sit down and go through line by line to dollars
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to go towards barrier construction. the other things that need to happen with immigration reform. sit in the room, go through that. sit down, find the common ground. >> one side is going to have to give it some point. we are in the longer shutdown ever in u.s. history and neither side is fudging. >> you are correct and we can't forget this impacts the lives of federal employees. they expect us to get this job done. they expect people to sit down and do this. the only way this could done is to sit down in the room as well as the president. >> they've got to do it again. i think it's incumbent that congress act. if you don't, and i'm going to take action.
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all declared a national emergency. it's congress' responsibility to get this done. >> president trump study of the plant to end the shutdown. do you know what the plan is? >> he is not double check to us, but is ultimately going to take action with this, but ultimately he's going to act. >> finally, do you think senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has been criticized by not allowing the senate to vote that would open up these agencies. do you think it should allow the senate to vote on these bills? >> he is not going to bring in a bill to the floor unless he's assured it's something the president will sign into law. that is good so you don't go through back-and-forth about passing bills. >> why not go ahead and vote and if the president vetoes it, and they could still come back and override the veto.
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these are equal branches of government. >> the time it would take for that to be done is to have everyone sit in the room, determined and not go through the back-and-forth of what becomes a political exercise rather than a true effort. >> i like your op msn. hopefully they can all get together in one room and sort this out. we'll see. thank you for coming on. >> don't hold your breath, but in the meantime the 22 nhl yesterday. former vice president joe biden asked. plus, new criticisms from within the democratic party against these two senators for criticizing religious affiliations and calling it extreme despite being shared by millions of americans. a closer look at that as millions of americans deal with severe winter weather. it's pretty but multiple accidents, highways closed in a
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kristin: the 2020 democratic contest is attracting unprecedented levels of interest are two high profile candidate are in their hats in the ring this weekend. garrett tenney joins us with more. it's been a very busy weekend and it's only going to be busier. >> you're right. i would like to say it's like a receipt from cbs. the list just keeps going and going. more than two dozen are considering a run this weekend. two candidates officially announced their campaign. on friday tulsi gabbard. on saturday was former obama secretary castro who plans to emphasize his own story of the american dream being raised by his mother a mexican immigrant grandmother in humble circumstances going on to attend stanford and harvard law before becoming the mayor of his hometown, san antonio. >> i'm running for president because it's time for new leadership.
10:23 am
because it's time for new energy and it's time for a new commitment to make sure that the opportunities that i've had are available to every american. in the years to come, we must go forward as one nation working towards one death any. >> climate change and health care will be two of castro's top priorities with other democrats who may run including elizabeth senator -- senator elizabeth warren. she has announced that she's acting like someone running. last week in iowa and this week in new hampshire testing of out her message with voters. >> it needs to attack head-on the cost that hard-working families face every day. we need to tackle them together. the high cost of health care. the high cost of housing. the high cost of childcare and the high cost of getting an
10:24 am
education. that's what we need to attack as the country. >> this week, joe biden's brother says he thinks the vice president will run in 2020. at this point biden lead in most polls among borders and has the best chance of beating president trump. last night president trump was asked about a potential race and had this to say. >> who is the one person you would really like to run against? >> well, i do want to pick anyone out. a lot of people say he's doing okay but he was always a 1% guy. he ran two or three times. he never got above 1% and obama came along and took them off the trash heap and he became a vice president and now he's probably leaving. he's basically a 1% guy. this week there's been a joe biden told friends in san joaquin i'm running, but is not given a timetable for when he might decide. however, the list of who is and who is in is that running is expected to shake out over the
10:25 am
next couple. >> like a receipt. i like that. thanks. >> a little bit more and not. los angeles radio host and on the world wide web on your favorite internet browser. larry, we heard kristen fisher. we have a picture board of the potential 2020 democrats if you almost have to walk up to your television to see pictures and identifies so many. i'll turn this around for you. who on the list has a message that's potentially centrist enough to pull away some of your listeners. >> don't know. i think there could be 30 ultimately. let's take the biden question. would biden be a good person to run against? it would be for trump and many in the democratic party are looking to the left.
10:26 am
they are looking for someone like rocco, two stand out there and someone who engages them on the issues they care about. >> or as much as the right grew to hate barack obama and his policies, it was a relatively centrist message and in fact most of what he taught about wasn't really specific aggressive policy. some unlike beto o'rourke who allows others to paint his policies on his message. >> we will watch what happens with beto o'rourke. he will have an interview in early february. >> he's doing it. >> he's doing that, getting out there without. the democrats are looking for someone like bernie sanders. a lot of people ask is he going to run again.
10:27 am
he was the one who came across and took things. i have a friend who's a professor and he said all of a sudden he saw these stickers. >> 2016 as we covered the race, we used to look for what we thought was the impossible interview, which was going to be a bernie supporter if you didn't win the nomination they were going to vote for trump. turns out there were zillions of them. does bernie sanders have a chance against president trump in general? >> bernie sanders has a real challenge and that is his age. the people who are pushing the progressive end of the party, they are pushing for gassee was somebody that they like, but they have to ask themselves. they want to put a youthful candidate up against donald trump. >> the most useful that would be tulsi gabbard, 37 or congresswoman from hawaii.
10:28 am
within from her. we'll get reaction. >> are you going to run? do you think she should? [applause] >> i have decided to run and will be make an informal announcement within the next week. >> friday night on a tape show was not exactly a well planned rollout. but she does represent what "the daily beast" called bashar al-assad -- >> something that donald trump had done at that point would've kicked them out of even running. also, she's an iraq war veteran. she has that going for her. but like anything else, and once it starts to be brought out within 24 hours people are picking out trying to say --
10:29 am
>> and then we come out for the nicknames president trump has developed for each one of them. a lot to talk about on your radio show on monday. kristin: from the mid-atlantic to the midwest, everyone seems to be dealing with winter weather this weekend. the heavy snow and freezing rain has made for treacherous roads for travelers and it's already turned deadly for some. adam klotz is tackling it all. it is still snowing here in d.c. is this going on for a while longer? >> it's not just knowing in d.c. still snowing in places like st. louis and started snowing late friday and early saturday. the real bulls at this point is five to eight inches of snow. last i saw the six inches of snow. still a large area.
10:30 am
if you're in the southern portions this is more of an ac vent for you. this now going until midnight tonight. all the way until midnight, so it not done yet. most of the precipitation is dirty fallen. this is additional on top of the five to eight inches. maybe another inch to three inches of snow. a lot of it rain to folks living further to the south. if you want this to move out, pay attention to the timestamp in the corner. by the time we get to 10:00, definitely by tamara clears off but it stays cool so anything that falls today is still on the ground for folks tomorrow morning. >> just in time for kids to go back to school. adam klotz. thanks. leland: did the pentagon come up with plans for traveling with the secretary of state as he tours the middle east.
10:31 am
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including those with a history of colon cancer or precancer, ibd, certain hereditary cancer syndromes, or a family history of colon cancer. ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. covered by medicare and most major insurers. leland: and a fox news alert as there's been some strong words for sunday from house minority leader kevin mccarthy about a comet named by stephen king in an interview last week. first this sounds than the back story. >> i have a scheduled meeting of him on monday and i will tell you this. the other side do not take action and action will be taken. i'm having a serious conversation with congressman steve king on his future in this republican party. >> you may remember congressman king which you may call controversial comments about white nationals in white primacy. the longtime member of the house
10:36 am
later spoke on the house floor in bed in maybe a freshman mistake. >> "the wall street journal" reported this weekend the white house national security adviser john bolton looking at potentially using military options against iran last year. secretary of state mike ang pao has not commented on the report. he just met with the saudi foreign minister about an hour ago and that's where rich is live in riyadh. >> hi, christine. the first is high-level meetings for mike ang pao as he arrived here. the state department said he will discuss regional issues like countering iran is area. the secretary did refuse to comment on the report which states national security adviser john bolton sought options from the pentagon after iran link
10:37 am
borders into the diplomatic area in baghdad. they have responded and said basically what the nsc's job is to get options to respond for threats to the president of the united states and we continue to review the status of her personal following attempted attacks on our embassy in bag had and will consider the full range of options to preserve their safety and our interests. secretary pompeo is scheduled to meet with crown prince mohammed and solomon. he tells us he does plan to discuss the murder of jamal khashoggi. >> we will continue to have conversation with the crown prince and the saudi's about ensuring the accountability is full and complete with respect to the acceptable murder of jamal khashoggi. we'll make sure we have all the facts so that they are held accountable where appropriate.
10:38 am
>> the secretary and officials will discuss countering iran is the head of the nuclear program has begun preliminary activities for enriching more uranium. iran has threatened to enrich more uranium in the lead up and after the united states announced it was withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. iran is trying to keep the deal together with a number of the participants minus the united states. secretary pompeo announced on friday the united states with poland will be hosting a summit with dozens of nations. part of that will be focusing on the regional threat from iran according to the secretary. the secretary did arrive from qatar where he made the case with countries in a dispute right now should resolve that so they can get united and counter iran. 18 months ago or 16 months ago and the saudi's along with their
10:39 am
allies blockaded qatar over a dispute. that is ongoing. >> thank you. leland: we bring in former california congressman darrell issa. good to see you, sir. are we entering a new phase of the president's foreign policy talking about were plans with iran? >> just the opposite. commanders in chief have done and must do, which is either their department of defense asked these questions and periodically brief them on scenarios or the president asks either directly or indirectly other methods we could use. if you don't ask the question of the military option, you haven't done your job as commander-in-chief. the department of defense runs these scenarios. leland: this brings up a broader point. he is going through the middle
10:40 am
east. because of the syria decision to some of these key allies like qatar and saudi arabia, whatever it is, it's got to be a reassurance to her. this is coming out the same time you're in the saudi capital. hard to imagine that the coincidence. >> the saudis have asked themselves as their military solution and of course there really is never saudi arabia. >> you could argue they're at war with iran bomb in yemen and the rebel supporter. during the w. bush administration, israel was forced to bomb a nuclear facility in northeastern syria and they have to make a decision about whether they could do something they've never done before, and which is successfully take out what was in fact a purely weapons
10:41 am
production nuclear facility. there's no question in anyone's mind the united states knew about it. that they had to run the scenario does the united date bomb them? is israel bombed them? leland: i spent a lot of weeks in jerusalem waiting for such an attack that never happened. it brings up this important question. does our allies in the middle east believe the president is going to back up these harsh words about iran? >> the president has to live up to an obligation that president clinton, bush, obama all made an out was we were not going to allow a nuclear iran. most people believe it would be difficult to use military force, but no one believes if you take military action off the somehow
10:42 am
iran is going to do it because they've become nice. >> he wrote an op-ed saying we needed to bomb iran. moving now to the topic of the government shutdown. he left congress in the middle of the shutdown. we talked about this. in your words this is a shutdown over principle, which makes it harder for both sides to compromise, which somehow has become a dirty word in washington. >> the president is in an odd situation. he's expressed a principal at the democratic leadership authority voted for. he has said repeatedly and sometimes gets chastised i'll compromise everything else on money for this or that, but i won't compromise on a principal majority voted for. leland: real quickly, chris coons was on "fox news sunday" and he talked about a concept is
10:43 am
difficult to negotiate with the president because he changes his mind. the head of the shutdown, there was a deal on the table that appeared to be made to keep the government open and keep negotiating and he took a lot of flack and pulled that back. their argument? >> not really. the president sent the vice president with a compromise that was unbelievable. he would take about 700 million more than the yard he had been reopened the government. chuck schumer said we were very far apart. when $700 million is very far apart in washington. by the way it's about two days of pay they will be paid. it's very clear like you said you're the president changes but he changes what is willing to do to get to principle he believes in but somehow won't compromise to get done.
10:44 am
enjoy a little kristen. kristin: coming up, president trump is pushing back against the "washington post" report that says details about his meeting with russian president vladimir. our political panel will weigh in. eve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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transfer the "washington post" reporting president trump into the details of his face-to-face encounter with russian president vladimir putin even for members of his own administration. talk radio panel here to weigh in. guys, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. president trump said last night that he would be willing to release these details. do you think you should do that? >> know, these stories are a complete distraction. i want the president to be focused on getting a wall built in making sure the border can be
10:49 am
secure. these are a couple of hit pieces in hoping that if they throw something out there is just going to stick. >> the post is reporting there is no detailed record even in classified files of president trump face-to-face with interactions with president putin. so is not a problem? >> it absolutely is the problem. donald trump is lisp transparent than what he wants to put on the southern border. we have a better chance of seeing tax return in the transcripts of what he talked about with putin. let's go in the way, way back when barack obama was talking to then president of russia about how he'll have more flexibility after the election. now we have a president who cannot definitively say no i'm not working with the russians as a russian agent. the hypocrisy is disturbing, blind allegiance is troubling. american people deserve better. >> they believe that part of his desire for secrecy stems from all the leaks coming from the
10:50 am
white house. that is his defense. in fact, lindsey graham said he would like to know who leaked a report to the post. i want to switch gears and just talk about some insight happening within the democratic party and specifically to democratic senators whose likely running in 2020 for the white house feared they had suggested a judicial nominee quite a capital organization and now another 2020 contender, congresswoman tulsi gabbard put out an op-ed blasting what those two senators had done. she says, quote, we must call this out for what it is. religious bigotry. no american should be asked to renounce his or her faith or membership in a faith-based service organization in order to hold public office. so there is a lot to talk about.
10:51 am
we'll have to leave it right there. the pitcher reaction on the other side of this break. e extr? e extr? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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kristin: and work out what their political panel appeared before the break we were talking about how to democratic senators suggested a judicial nominee quitted catholic organization the knights of columbus.
10:55 am
congresswoman tulsi gabbard wrote in an op-ed we should call it for what it is. religious bigotry. do you agree with that characterization? is this religious bigotry? >> i think she's going to bring a lot to the table in 2020. i would like to see her focus on policy issues such as history of the prosecutor, incarcerating kids and parents for truancy. if you look at religious bigotry whether incarcerating kristiansen must owns in china lets not forget donald trump has praised his team better than the democratic party. kristin: what do you think? religious bigotry or not? >> it's clear it's religious bigotry. inclusiveness, acceptance and they want to run to accept what they believe. by the way, if we can go back. i don't know what trump needs to do. somehow he's working for russia. >> ali has to say is no i'm not
10:56 am
a russian agent and he couldn't do it. >> where was the fbi investigation? kristin: i've got to leave it there. we could debate this forever. thank you for coming on. got to leave it there because i've got breaking news for you. babies do not like snow. earth is my child does not. this is my 1-year-old daughter, clara experiencing snow for the first time. as you can see i don't and she likes it. leland: i think she needs her mom and a little hot chocolate. we would turn up the sound, but she's makes yourself pretty clear they are. and strong feelings about the snow. see you next weekend. with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts. need a change of scenery?
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the most common side effect is nausea. quit smoking "slow turkey." talk to your doctor about chantix. chris: i'm chris wallace. shutdown, day 23. the longest hall -- halt in american history as each side digs in over the border wall. ♪ ♪ >> what the president is proposing is not the best way to protect our borders. >> the democrats don't care about the border, and they don't care about crime. chris: now, the president weighs declaring a national emergency and funding the wall. >> congress should do this. if they can't do it, i will declare a national emergency. finish. chris: we'll get the latest on where negotiations stand. >> i have never been more depressed about moving forward than right now. i just don't see a pathway forward. chris: from


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